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Fix Lexmark Printer Error Codes and Messages


Modern Lexmark printers are a must in any business field. These printers are compact and quiet which turn out high-quality text and graphics. It employs a high-definition inkjet and laser technology which results in a professional look. The distinctive specification that it contains makes it accessible and unique from all other printers.

Are you often encountering various error codes and messages with your Lexmark printer? Worried whom to concern? Now end all your worries with our amazing support solutions.

Frequently encountered Error codes of Lexmark Printer:

  • Error code 12- The printer top cover is open
  • Error code 13.1- Paper jam at paper feed area
  • Error code 13.5- Paper jam at fuser
  • Error code 13.10- Jam at duplexer
  • Error code 14- The cartridge is not installed in place
  • Error code 20- The printer received more data than can fit in available memory
  • Error code 21- The data sent to the printer is too complex
  • Error code 22- Excessive data transmitted to the serial I/O interface

Tips to defeat your Lexmark Printers Error Messages:

We understand how complicated it becomes when you are trying to get your work done, but your printer quits by sending various error messages. Some of the error messages can be defeated by simple ways. Follow the below tips to avoid these error messages appearing on your printer.

 1. Clean the contacts on your ink cartridge:

 Printer does not recognize the cartridge.” This message often appears on your computer screen while connecting the printer to your computer. The possible reason for this error message occurring is dust or dirt on the cartridge’s electrical contacts. In order to avoid this error, you need to take an eraser and gently rub the gold contacts on the ink cartridge. Post this, reinstall the ink cartridge and you will be able to print.

   2. Turn the printer off

Whenever your computer does not recognize your ink cartridge, turn the power off on your printer. Now unplug it, let it stay off for a minute or two. Also, disconnect the USB cable to your computer. Then reattach the USB cord, plug the power cord in, and turn the printer back on. By doing this the printer resets, and now it works correctly.

3.Disregard “low ink” messages

It is a standard printer error message you will often encounter while your printer is running out of ink. Remember, as long as what your printing looks fine; you can usually continue to use a cartridge until it is entirely out of ink.


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